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To be a Divine Goddess                                                                    

                                         By Tempress

To be a Divine Goddess you have to Love & accept yourself as you are. This can feel like one of the hardest thing you might ever do but it is worth it, to make time  & look after you is NOT selfish. As you know your self-esteem has a lot to do with your every day life - love, friendship , family , happiness

When you love yourself , your life gets easier, you find more good in the people around you & you also see its not so hard to let the bad people in your life go , & when you love & respect your self and you find good fortune & balance comes back in your life etc.......

You know we are our own worst critics for we worry way to much about what others think of our appearance, when really they are way to occupied with themselves as well to worry about us.

Always REMEMBER be happy with yourself no matter if you are big, small, round, thin, dark or light skinned people will love you anyway for you will radiate a special power from within for you are a Divine Goddess as you love yourself...

Goddess Tempress






Threshold of the Moon Goddess

    By The Wayfinder



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