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WAYISM - The Philosophy of Being

Post Modern Spiritualism - Neo Daoism

The Wayfinder

To begin with I will not single out Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, Druidry, Shamanism or Hinduism here. To me they are ONE and the same. In Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism also, I find similar qualities. ALL, I believe are philosophies of Life ... Not faiths, or beliefs or RELIGIONS. Though there are those who would practice them and accept them as the later. I do not deem those who embrace these spiritual philosophies as faith and beliefs are wrong. It is up to the individual to decide what is good and works for them. Faith starts with the heart and ends with the head. We are all entitled to believe what we choose and what we use in our lives to make it happy, justified and constructive.

Eugene Imogelene said and I quote:

"There is no such thing as unreality. Just different forms of reality!"

Thus said however, what is real and works for the individual, is not necessarily real for another.

I purposely, have not mentioned Christianity, Islam or Judaism here. I believe the Bible, Koran and Torah are all beautiful books of poetry and philosophy and in some respect historically factual. Yet, I believe they have outlived their usage. I mean no discourtesy to those who follow these faiths as this is my personal view after all.

I am a Wayist, Spiritualist, a Eclectic and a Nihilistic Heathen.

I do not pretend or pertain to be an expert on 'The Way'. There are none, I believe, who can claim to fully possess this quality or qualification.

Missionaries or representatives of all religions possess only the knowledge that their individual religion deems of importance to be passed onto the followers and disciples of that individual faith.

No ONE has the right to preach or imply their faith or even will on another and exceptance and tolerance of another's chosen religion is paramount to achieve Spiritual Harmony and Self-Realization, and yes, even Peace of Mind.

I am a true ecumenicist, as well. I accept all religions, as the individual faith of the person who holds that faith. What YOU, the reader, believes to be true and appropriate for YOU, is just that, and I bow to the God or Goddess within you.

All religions philosophies are basically correct, it is the fine points that need tuning. A study of history and mythology needs to be undertaken to find that technically all RELIGIONS are preaching the same thing.

Only Taoism is not symbolic in its simple messages, and like Buddhism the state of DIVINENESS can be obtained with the discipline of MIND and SPIRIT.

Words and languages I believe are often inadequate in describing the true nature of things; the feelings we have; the emotions we strive to control, both Positive and Negative -the Yin Yang. As a wordsmith (poet), I struggle often to find the words to get a message across. I write from the heart and find that words often fail to project my true feelings. Here also, I may use words that the reader may stumble across and therefore, feel confused by the structure of my philosophy.

To gather this insight I struggled through a turbulent life to finally reach what I perceive as enlightenment .... For "Me".

With this writing, I am aiming to bring enlightenment to those readers who wish to be enlightened. I am not asking you to unthinkingly accept what I believe or even follow it as gospel. You, my dear friends are encouraged to even doubt what I have presented to you for the whole purpose of what is enclosed within is to get you 'Thinking '.

"If you want to change the world my friend, change your thinking first!"

We are ALL inter-linked. You my friends are my kindred souls my spiritual brothers and sisters. We've been the all of it you and I . We've been the up and the down of it, and the left and the right of it. The Yin & Yang of it. We've been the has and the had of it. We've been the here and the there of it, and the now and the then of it. We've been the big and small of it, the male and the female of it, the good and the bad of it. We've all been the ALL of it.

Everything living; everything in nature; everything in the physical world is cyclical and involves a never-ending coming and going, expansion and contraction.
Everything is in a constant state of evolution. Everything is in transition. The rising and setting of the Sun; the waning and waxing of the moon. The seconds; the minutes; the hours; the days; the weeks; the months and years continue to come and go. Organic life is born, lives, grows old and dies and new birth begins the cycle anew.

A perpetual, never-ceasing motion.

This is the fundamental nature of the universe.


The Spirit is everything and Everything is the Spirit. The Spirit is the Universe. To be in harmony with the universe is to be in harmony with The Spirit. To be with the Spirit; to be ONE with the Spirit; to be part of the Spirit; to be the Spirit is to seek the harmonic state.

It is a state not ONLY in Spirit but in MIND.

If you chose to refer to the Spirit as a Deity or even ONE Supreme God this is entirely up to you, the Individual.

SO where does the Magic come into it. Magic is all around us. It is as much a part of us as it is a part of the Universal. Which is endless and infinitive.

I myself seldom use spellcraft, or candle magic or crystal magic or any other tools although I do use these tools ...For that is what they are, tools. It is the power of the Spirit and the Mind that actually makes the magic happen. Even in the mundane magic exists. We (and I feel the Christians shudder at this point) all are witches.

It is the intent of our actions that govern who we are.

LOVE for all beings without exception (Agape love)
and the acquisition of GLOBAL COMPASSION are the
At least, it is the starting point to begin our individual journey.

Those who acquire COMPASSION,
will acquire wisdom, happiness and love.
A need to suppress one's EGO and to be more
CONSIDERATE of others is paramount. It's all right
to be selfish sometimes
but to be so at someone else's expense,

We need to take other's feelings into CONSIDERATION
before we act out our desires.





We all get caught up with the MUNDANE of our own existence
but we should NOT let the importance of the TRIVIAL
disrupt our PEACE OF MIND and the GOODNESS in our thoughts.



The Universal Being of Divineness.

1: Articulate the Potential of All Beings. The lives of the deities articulate - actualise - all that is possible for the beings, be they human or gods. This complete potential might be termed totipotential; the totality of potential. This totality of potential carries no implication of values, no commitment to 'good' or 'compassion' versus 'bad' or 'evil. Such concepts are forever relative within various philosophies and there is no possibility of 'objectivity' in either linguistic definition or actual behavior. Nonetheless, the undesirable, destructiveness of the 'dark side' of human and god nature is clear, and does not need elaborate explanation. The mytho-poetic lives of the gods explore the complete range of the possible. That panorama presents to us the full spectrum of what might be possible under 'ideal' conditions for human transformation. This full range of possibilities contains both 'black' and 'white' powers; sorcerers may do good or evil. But more importantly, it contains possibilities for more than 'power'; it reveals the potential for spiritual transformation. If the Buddhists are right, that is our unique legacy; our unique potential.

2: WISDOM HAPPINESS LOVE Immortality be damned! In any case, that attribute may be uniquely reserved for the gods. The unique legacy of human beings is the possibility for spiritual transformation and the acquisition of global compassion; love for all beings without exception. The gods, for all their awesome powers, are forever fixed in the particular spiritual state of their niche. Those who acquire compassion, acquire wisdom, happiness and love. Those qualities may be applied to one's close and intimate daily relationships and/or humanity and Gaia at large. We thereby hold in our hands the ultimate power, the possibility of affecting the QUALITY of our emotional/spiritual lives and also the possibility of the affecting the QUALITY of Gaia -Mother Earth - the global ecosystem. We can all be bodhisattvas to Gaia if we choose.

3: Create the Structure of Human Society The fundamentals of human society; family, clan and tribe with their attendant rituals did not spring de novo from the mind of humankind. Our societies, with their passions, complexity, happiness and unhappiness mirror that of gods. We MUST mirror the gods, not because we are inferior parrots, but because the closest of reciprocal relationships provides the most complete, multilevel nourishment for ALL, both the gods and us. The mirror reflects reciprocity and the possibility for the healthiest of symbiosis. If our social and mytho-poetic structures did not mirror 'heaven' then the reciprocal nurturing behavior which leads to the best of all possible 'worlds' would be much more difficult. When our Bicameral Minds Broke Down(c.3,000 BC - 0 AD) and Consciousness with its Self Awareness and narrative 'I' appeared, we lost the easy ability to talk to the gods. We MUST regain it if our overall 'health' is to be restored. Isolated regions of recovery, as promoted by Western reductionist science when working alone, will not suffice.

4: Society NEEDS Nurture from the Gods In principle the rationale is simple. Do you wish to be 'healthy' on both the spiritual and physical planes? Of course, you say. Well, there is a price to pay; everything is not possible in all 'worlds'. You must pick and choose and be content with the gains and losses. The exercise of raw, exploitative power in whatever realm can not coincide with the achievement of a totipotent 'health'. The narcotic highs produced by physical or verbal abuse, the pursuits of material wealth, the acquisition of ecological power and the indulgence of psychological or physical obsessions are forever incompatible with a spiritual and compassionate life. They are also incompatible with the achievement of happiness and love, those forever indefinable, but we 'know-it-when-we-find-it' psychic states.

5: The Gods REQUIRE Nurture from Society. Yes, the Gods do require and NEED us. Not simply for the ego gratification of having something worship you. The Gods are dependent upon us for spiritual nourishment, love, respect and acknowledgment that life is rich and worth living. Sounds like some of the qualities of a good human relationship, doesn't it? Well it is; the Gods need our love or they are left alone with themselves and that is not conducive to their happiness. The objective truth is that they possess, as do we, an intense need for intimacy. Love and intimacy appear to be global needs, global truths; there are very few beings who can legitimately do without them. Their existence serves only to illustrate the statistical fluctuations from the mean that are possible in large populations; they do not indicate a life path that most of us can follow towards fulfilment. If you don't believe this, contemplate the death of the so-called pagan gods and above all, the near extinction of the Great Goddess. Physically she is immortal, but that is not the point. At the hands of a judgmental, power-oriented, chauvinistic Christianity, she nearly died a spiritual death.

6: That Food is Dreamtime Ritual Today, we think that the Dreamtime is specific tothe native Australians but the historical record suggestsotherwise. These extraordinary people are 'simply' the last stewards of the Dreamtime; they have miraculously preserved it into the 20th century. In the Dreamtime, the gods walked the earth and shaped it according to their creative whims and their serious needs. That creation of the 'world' also structured it for us; it provided the frame for the 'mirror' with which we reflect 'heaven'. In ritual, we leave linear, secular time and enter the sacred time of the Dreamtime. In that space, we can communicate with the gods directly, learn from them and possibly acquire spiritual knowledge of the type that is forever beyond language. In such mytho-poetic rituals, we explore other dimensions of the 'world' and dimensions of ourselves that are not reachable otherwise. If we cannot do so directly, the shaman will do so for us with the difficult techniques of ecstasy, for that is his sacred trust. When the shaman returns from spirit-soul journeys, he or she communicates the experience to the clan and all are enriched and made wiser by the experience.

7: 'Nurture' Allows the Gods to Live and Create. Nourished by the APPROPRIATE rituals, the gods have their health renewed and are able to continue to live out their mytho-poetic lives and create. BUT, the rituals must be appropriate, they must possess spiritual integrity. Almost any behavior can become ritualistic if repeated within a recognizable structure but all rituals are neither spiritual nor healthy. The obsessive behaviour of the autistic person is ritualistic but cannot lead to spiritual growth. Our society's indulgence in the acquisition of material wealth and power, 'professional' sports, material exploitation of the earth, and the obsessive feeding of our immature egos through distorted, immature and often abusive relationships all have ritualistic aspects. However, anyone with a little insight would not label such activities as spiritual ritual. The common element that flows through our impoverished 'rituals' is the infatuation with power and the ego. For ritual to possess integrity and the potential to the contact the Dreamtime, those elements must be absent.

8: Embody the Evolutionary Process. Healthy Mytho-poetica is stable, contextual and ever-changing. The embodiment of evolutionary potential is transferred to us, the humans, yet all evolutionary change is not necessarily for the better. The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind was an epochal evolutionary event and left us with a much more complex 'world' and the gains and losses are difficult to assess. Would you trade 'consciousness', 'self awareness' and the 'narrative I' for a greater sense of spiritual well being? Would you trade modern technological Western society, with all of its material wonders (including this computer!) for a near guarantee of spiritual happiness? Is it necessary to trade ,is this concept of gains and losses beside the point? Can we have it all? Can we have great technological understanding with its unavoidable, intense use of the ecology and a Unicameral Mind that is at ease with communication with the gods and is capable of benefiting from such a relationship? Can you imagine a ttechnological West with compassion towards Gaia and all the beings?

9: Reality of Spiritual Transformation Unknown shamen, Zoroaster, Vardhamana, Buddha, Confucius, Lao-tzu, Jesus Christ, Mohammed

Tao, simply translates as THE WAY, and the simplest definition of Tao, is that IT is the WILL of the Supreme Spirit.

' "I am the Way, the Truth, the Life..." sayest the Lord.'

Vyasa, Abraham, Mahavira, Moses, Lao Tse, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Babaji Maharaji, Gosvami Maharaji, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Bhagavan Sri Sai Baba, Dali Lama among others, were or are, although not in the true religious sense, Taoists or WAYISTS.

In other words, WAYISTS or 'Masters of the WAY', are messengers of the Deities sent to show the multitude the WAY.

The Way to EXIST; the WAY to LIVE; the WAY to LOVE; the WAY to DIVINENESS. The Gnostics state and I quote: "Would you rather be a child and follow blindly what you are taught? Or would you rather be an Adult and Free Thinker and teach yourself?"


We all make the mistake to place philosophy and religion in the same sentence or statement ... this is WRONG thet are two different entities in themselves. A spiritual philsophy is not a religion ... unless believers practice it as such. That is when aphilosophy evolves into a faith ... not before.

All beliefs and faiths and religions are right and they are also WRONG, because we (or rather our ancestors) rushed in and politicised them.

That is what is wrong with controlled and organized religions. Even the regimentation in most Covens and Communities.

Politics and Religion should not mix but they do and that is why we have wars.


Copyrighted 2000 - 2003 by The Wayfinder for and on behalf of The Temple of the Way. All rights reserved.