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"If you want to change the world my friend, change your thinking first!"


"Take off your blinkers.... take your head out of the sand...look at the big picture and bury your hatred and biases...for they are insignificant...and only cripple the soul."
~The Wayfinder ~

The Wayist Temple is an online-based community spreading through out the world.

The Wayist philosophy encompasses all religions and embraces all paths.

The Wayist movement is a philosophy and has nothing to do with religion. It is a way of thought - not a religion…. Everyone has the right to follow his or her own religion whatever that is.

We are all entitled to believe what we wish and what we use in our lives to make it happy, justified and constructive.

Each person is the center of his own universe. We chose who we allow into our universe and who we shun. Each one is in control of who is let in and how each one acts or reacts is totally in his/her control. We are Mistresses and Masters of our own Destiny.

Here the Taoist Philosophy is entwined also with the Wayist philosophy. Wayism, is Daoism and Paganism combined.

Tao or Doa, simply translates as THE WAY, and the simplest definition of Tao, is that IT is the WILL of the Supreme Spirit ~ 'GOD' or the will of the Deities.

What is a Wayist?

A Wayist is a Protector and Teacher of the "Indigo Children". A Wayist was in all possibly an Indigo child of another era themselves. Jesus was one of the first Indigo Children, hence the reverence he was given by the three wise men.

A Wayist is a Messenger of Light and Love and Life. A Wayist is an emissary of the Deities.

Wayists are Teachers of Harmony and Peace and Love - The Way of Light.

A Wayist is a Messenger. He or she is a Teacher. It is his/her duty to bring enlightenment to those who seek.

Whatever the religion or the belief, Wayists are the messengers of the "God" or "Gods". The Path is not monotheistic. It totally depends on your faith. Wayist Path is not a religion or a faith. It is a philosophy and encumbers all religions. Even the ancient Pagan Beliefs had One Supreme God and/ or Goddess...Zeus, Jupiter,Isis, Diana, Odin, Dadga, Vishnu, Danu.

Whatever the belief and faith, a Wayist is the messenger of the Deities.

The Wayist Movement is Ecumenical - it encompasses all beliefs and religions, as it is not a religion or faith but rather a Philosophy of Being. It is Peace, Love and Harmony.

It is now the Threshold of the Dawning Of Aquarius. The path for the Indigo children is now be prepared. It is understanding, love and compassion for one's fellow man. The Wayist teachers are those who shall teach the children especially the 'indigo children" and bring them this message of Love, PEACE and HARMONY.




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