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Jack Frost

29 july 2003



The Way.

The way is the all pervading structure of the universe that permeates everything. It is sentient, it is knowing, it is all of life as we know it, and more. We all live in the way, walk it's paths and it's roads, because we live. We are part of the way, we feel the way, we contribute to the way.

Some block their minds to feeling the way - other than it's day to day influence in their physical life. Some, as in 99%+ of the population. But we all experience it.

Most, on the purely physical level, or in dreams.

Others, on the spiritual level.

The spiritual level is what drives man to seek for things that they feel. They think "there is something out there - I can feel it", and seek to define it, to fit it in with what they know.

If all they know is bible club as a child, they will feel to define it as "baby jesus", perhaps. We all need a point of reference. Something happens in a life, it needs to be defined according to that persons past experiences.

Thus, people choose different paths.

The Start

The start is when we first realise we have a spiritual connection to the way. How we deal with it is a different matter. Some join religions, and their mind may then well be dead forever. Some become wiccans (approx. same story). People start looking. Some believe the first thing they are told. Some like stories of cute angels and fluffy teddy bears, so regress into a childhood cocoon. Some don't feel anything, they just think TV shows like buffy and charmed are "kewl" and "how can I do that?". Try progressing to the tellytubbies, I think they are more sensible for people with that low mentality.

The Truth

The truth is the way. No-one can fully experience it or understand it - to try is even futile. Listen - reject. Read - reject. Aim to reject 50 times more than you hear or read. You will find time and time and time again how "this is the truth!!!". Anyone that says that, you know at the start is talking bullshit.

Go into the woods, or an open field. Close your eyes. Extend your arms. Plug into the way (it is quiet at first). Feel it, experience it, know if for real.

Stop listening to people, and go to the real source. Or as Rev. Nikki Ligtelyn would say, "nature" - the way, the universe. And plug in.

It's the only one you can trust. As long as you can trust your heart, that is!

Copyrighted 2003 by The Wayfinder for and on behalf of The Temple of the Way. All rights reserved.